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Waitrose Water Cooled Integral Supermarket Display Cabinet Project

waitrose01.jpgRyan Jayberg Ltd have proudly completed Waitrose supermarket in which the chilled display cabinets appear to be traditional remote cabinets, but are in fact ‘integral’. A total of 39 standard chilled multidecks for meat / dairy products & specialist fruit & vegetable cabinets were fitted with integral units developed by Ryan-Jayberg Ltd.

The cabinets selected for this project were manufactured by RJM’s Italian partner Arneg.
The installation took place in an existing trading store. The completed installation has none of the unwanted hallmark features of a typical multiple integral cabinet installations, such as noise & heat.

Each cabinet section is fitted with a single or twin condensing unit utilising quiet running horizontal scroll compressors. RJM designed & manufactured the condensing units & carried out all modifications to the cabinets including evaporator coils. A water chiller with a ‘free cooling’ circuit built into the condenser provides cooled water at a temperature of approx 12 deg C to a plate heat exchanger located within each condensing unit. This supply water temperature was designed to provide the most efficient balance between cabinet compressor performance & minimising the chiller run time by benefiting from ‘free cooling’ for a large percentage of the year.

The air cooled ‘pre condenser’ mounted in each unit is designed to reject approx 20% of the THR. Ducts on the rear of the cabinets channel this warm air to the underside of the cabinets. By creating a pressurised plenum chamber the warm air is released at low level to increase the cold isle temperature directly in front of the cabinets.

waitrose02.jpgRefrigeration components have been kept to a minimum to reduce potential leaks, breakdowns & minimise maintenance schedules.

The design ‘ideal’ was to produce a display cabinet with the simplicity of a domestic refrigerator. The client believes that this first installation of its’ kind has achieved their goal & are planning further improved installations this year.

The store has been serviced & maintained by Ryan-Jayberg prior to the installation of the new equipment & subsequently after. We are therefore able to monitor the performance of the integral cabinets & make comparisons to the previous DX installation.

The overall cabinet installation process is quicker & simpler with cabinets installed, connected to the water & down to temperature within a few hours of delivery. This will have a huge impact on programme & earlier store re-launch timescales.Running costs are still being evaluated as the installation has yet to complete a full years’ operation inclusive of the summer period. The initial figures indicate that the ‘free cooling’ circuit on the waitrose03.jpgwater system is proving beneficial. Service & maintenance has been reduced resulting in less disruption to store trading. Call outs to the integral cabinets & since the completion of the installation in Oct 2007 have reduced by 50% & associated refrigerant usage has been minimal.

Further installations are already being planned. Many improvements are being incorporated following the experience of this first groundbreaking installation. In our opinion this installation is a bold step away from conventional supermarket refrigeration. The design ‘ideal’ to produce a large capacity retail display cabinet with the simplicity of a domestic refrigerator reduces & simplifies the design, installation, maintenance & service requirements with significantly reduced refrigerant charge.